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Overview of Bet Types

Users can place three different types of bets on SX Bet

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SX Bet allows users to place two types of bets - Taker & Maker

  • A Taker order will execute immediately at the offered odds of the bet offer

  • A Maker order will execute only when someone else takes your bet offer

Taker orders

  1. Either point and click on an offer on the order book, or enter a bet amount

  2. Click bet without adjusting the odds

  3. Confirm bet

Taker orders requires that the offered bet not be canceled in the interim period between from when you click on the bet and confirm it. If it is cancelled in that time period, the bet will fail.

Maker orders

  1. This is the same process as a taker bet; click on an order, select "Limit", enter bet amount, and select the odds you would like to receive.

  2. Adjust the odds upwards higher than what any bet offer is currently offered

  3. Confirm the bet

Maker orders will show up in the "Offered Bets" pane on the exchange page. They only become active unsettled bets if another user takes your offer. They are cancelled automatically when the game starts, and can also be cancelled before then on the exchange page.



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