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Maker Orders on SX Bet

Maker Orders FAQ

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Where do I access my limit orders on SX Bet?

You can find all your maker orders on the "Offered Bets" page of the Exchange page (must be on a specific SX Bet market).

How do maker orders on SX Bet work?

First, funds need to be in your account before any maker orders can be placed. SX Bet uses a similar mechanism to 0x; we use an off chain order book with on chain settlement - orders are matched by SX Bet and settled on chain.

Is there a minimum bet size for maker orders?

The minimum size for a maker order is $10 UDSC, 60WSX, and 0.05 WETH. This is in contrast to a minimum bet size of $5 USDC, 30 WSX and 0.025 WETH for taker orders.

Can I submit multiple makers orders on the same market?

Yes - you can submit as many orders as you have funds for, so long as they are above the minimum threshold. There's only one restriction: you can't submit maker orders on the same side of one market for an amount greater than your current funds.

For example, with a balance of $1,000 you can have $10,000 of outstanding maker orders spread across different markets, but you can only have $1,000 of outstanding maker orders on the same side of the same market.

Are their gas fees?

All gas costs (for both taker and maker orders) are covered by SX Bet given that SX Bet is sending transactions on chain.

I get a "Something went wrong" error. What's wrong?

Let us know in the Chat (in the Live Support dropdown link) and we'll help you debug.

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