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At SX Bet we offer a platform and services that enable our clients to enjoy gaming and betting. Our aim is to provide you with a safe, secure regulated environment which will give you a pleasant and rewarding experience. We encourage our clients to use our services responsibly and in a reasonable manner.

Gambling of all varieties has been a popular form of entertainment for many years and we encourage it to be exactly that, fun. We also encourage our customers, whilst having fun, not to allow their gambling to affect their usual daily routine or time spent with family and friends. Ensuring that the money they spend is set aside for leisure time and not for other purposes. It is very important not to rely on paying for life's necessities with possible gains from gambling as this is not guaranteed in any way.

Whilst most customers do gamble in this manner, we do understand that a small minority of customers can develop problems with their gambling.

Our customer's wellbeing is of utmost importance, we take our responsible gambling role very seriously and recommend that you:

  • Treat your betting and gaming as a form of entertainment

  • Only use money that you have set aside for your entertainment.

  • Do not bet or wager amounts larger than you are comfortable with.

  • Do not bet or wager with money you cannot afford to lose.

  • Do not chase your losses.

  • Do not let your betting and/or gaming take up time that you would usually spend on other activities.

If you have any concerns about your gambling habits and feel that you can’t follow these recommendations we urge you to seek advice from accredited organizations that can offer support and advice:

In addition, you can contact our friendly support agents [email protected] if you would like to discuss our self-exclusion process. Sometimes a short break away can be really useful in assisting you with gathering your thoughts and stopping you from making any rash wagering decision that you wouldn't usually make.

Self-Exclusion on SX Bet

Every user on SX Bet has the opportunity to de-activate their account if they need. The self-exclusion periods are as follows: 24-hours, 48-hours, 1-Week, 1-Month, 1-Year, & Forever. This function will automatically de-activate your account for the selected time period with no way to turn that account back on. You can find this self-exclusion here at the bottom right side of the page.

Self-Exclusion Terms and Conditions

By requesting one of the self-exclusion time periods on offer you agree to the following terms and conditions, which will be effective from the minute you receive a confirmation email of your chosen self-exclusion, this email will be sent to the email address used to register your account only and will display the date of self-exclusion completion.

Requests made by Live Chat will not be actioned, however, a customer support agent will direct you to our self-exclusion section where you can select to de-activate your account.

On occasion, we might take the decision to place an account on a short self-exclusion period if we believe it to be needed and or beneficial to the customer. This will be communicated by email; the above terms and conditions will apply.

Once a self-exclusion is applied to your account, it will stay in place until the request time has finished, it will not be reversed or decreased for any reason. Permanent self-exclusions will remain closed indefinitely.

SX Bet will use all reasonable endeavours to ensure compliance with our responsible gambling self-exclusion policy. However, you accept that we will not be held responsible or liable if you attempt to open any new SX Bet accounts or indeed succeed. In addition, SX Bet will not be held liable or accountable if you continue to deposit and wager using additional accounts which have previously not been disclosed. Any future wagers, Bonus funds and entries in any promotions during in a requested self-exclusion time will be forfeited, resulting in no return of stakes or payment of winnings. We will not be able to reinstate these if the account is reopened after the self-exclusion period.

Any remaining funds left in your account, less any active bonus, will be returned to your wallet upon request. You will not be able to access your account to withdraw any funds during your requested self-exclusion.

You acknowledge that:

  • You should not attempt to or in fact place any wager on any of your accounts that you have requested to be excluded from during your selected self-exclusion.

  • You should not attempt or in fact proceed to open any new accounts during your self-exclusion period.

  • If you succeed in opening a new account during a self-exclusion period, we will close the account at our earliest detection.

  • SX Bet responsibility is only to take reasonable steps to prevent you from gambling on any of our products.

  • This is a voluntary request made by you. If you proceed to breach this agreement, SX Bet or any of its employees are not held accountable or liable for any losses you may suffer. Any losses acquired during your self-exclusion period will not be refunded.

Once your selected self-exclusion comes to an end your account will automatically be reopened, however, you will receive an email confirmation of this information which will be sent to your registered email address.


If you wish to gamble with us, you must be over 18 years of age or the legal minimum age for gambling in the jurisdiction you reside in and legally allowed, under the laws applicable to you.

We recommended if you have any minors living in your household, to review the following parental control software links, which could prove a useful tool, regarding control and restrictions of the content accessible on your devices.  

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